Our Girls

ByFaiths Soldier of the Cross "Cadence"

Cadence is the daughter of our Hope.  She is a beautiful red.  Excellent health and pedigree. 

Jeremiah 29:11  Promise of "Hope" RETIRED

"Dixie" Doodle Dandy RETIRED and living with our son, Steven

Dixie is 11 years old and still going strong.  She is one of the sweetest, gentlest girls I have ever seen. Her eyes will simply melt your heart. She's a nurturing momma.... doesn't matter if you are 2 legged or 4 legged. Dixie is a big girl, weighing 58lbs. She started riding a skateboard when she was 9 weeks old and she can run with the small dogs or give a lab a run for his money playing ball.  We joked that she doesn't know she's a dog, much less a bulldog or that she's 11 years old.  

Dixie is Champion sired by Champion Silver Creek Cheerio.

Dixie is retired and no, she is not available for rehoming. She is very much still a part of our family.

Princess "Tiger" LilLY RETIRED and still ruling our home.  lol 

RETIRED:  Princess Tiger LiLly was born to Dixie and Homerun Homer. She was immediately everybody's favorite and our Vet encouraged us to keep her, so we did. She has been OFA certified with excellent hips and elbows.

Because of Tiger being one of very few bulldogs that have the OFA certification on her hips and elbows, we are going to harvest and freeze her eggs to implant at a later date.   In the meantime, Breezy is Tiger's daughter and Hope is her granddaughter.  We will be having them OFA tested soon to see if they carry the same great genes as their momma.

Hurricane "Breezy" RETIRED and happily living in Florida with our grandsons "her 2 legged boys"

Breezy is the daughter of Princess Tiger LilLy and Champion Exact Classic What About Bob. Breezy is a red/fawn with a solid white heart on top of her head. She produces very nice puppies.

Breezy is by far the best "momma" I have ever encountered.  She takes it very seriously.  She will look after a 2 legged toddler as if it's her own.  She will patrol the back yard looking for danger and stand between anything that might harm her "boys".   She has earned the title "Snake Hunter" wears it proudly.